This is probably one of my favorite DIY home hacks. It is super easy to make and it works awesome. This is a great detergent for your dishwasher that is made with everything you should have in your home already, and it is chemical free! The best part is if you mix up three or four batches at once, you won't need to worry about making it for quite a while. You can check out the huge container I use below to store it all in. Another handy tip is to throw a baby sock filled with rice (tie it with a rubber band) into the detergent to keep out any moisture and stop it from hardening. 
Here is everything you will need:

1 Cup Washing Soda 
4 packages unsweetened lemonade drink mix 
1 Cup Baking Soda
1 Cup of Kosher Salt 
Mix all ingredients together in a bowl. When they are well mixed, add them to your covered jar. Enjoy! 


11/09/2016 1:32am

Its amazing to make the dishwasher detergent in the home itself and these are very natural and it doesn't have ant side effects and also most of them would love these tips like me and i would definitely try this very soon.Its very helpful and i appreciate you for sharing this with all of us.

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