With three kids who grow like weeds we always have a ton of clothes in the house that they are continually outgrowing. The boys are incredibly hard on theirs and they always have holes in them, so we can't always donate or use them as hand me downs. Instead, I love to repurpose them! This little project is a great way to use old t-shirts and it is a simple project so kids can help or older kiddos can even do it on their own! 
     First, gather everything you need: a simple rug, hot glue gun, glue sticks, and a pile of old t-shirts. 
     Next start cutting up the shirts into small strips and knot them in the center. These will be what makes up your rug! 
     Take your t-shirt strips and glue them onto the rug. You will want to keep them close together and not have any gaps. 
Fill up the entire rug and enjoy! 


When children grew up it's sometimes difficult to donate there clothes which are in bad condition. We can't give something which is torn to the poor. Reusing them is a great idea and I love this rug of the picture and I going to try this for sure.

12/08/2016 8:14am

Awesome blog!.
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