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     Walmart has all the ghosts and goodies you need to bring the boo this Halloween! Check out this great Gemmy Inflatable Halloween Decoration we have in our yard. It is super fun and colorful and is perfect for this time of year! 

     I, like many people I know, love the home improvement shows you often find on the Travel Channel or HGTV - the ones where you see a young couple purchasing their first home or perhaps buying a place in terms of renovating and flipping. There’s something about seeing what can be transformed that keeps you glued to the tube and binging every episode.

     Flowers can beautify your home as well as give pleasant smell around it. Whatever type of blossoms you decorate your home with, you will be pleased whenever you see it placed inside your home. More so, fresh flowers can brighten up one's day and lift your spirit. These sweet decorations have also the power to transform your dwelling place into an elegant one.
     With just a click and some easy steps, you can now order flowers online. If you are in need of any types of blooms, you can always search the web and purchase one. In fact, you can send flowers to Melbourne or wherever the person you want to give it to lives. It is just as simple as that, however, this will always come with a price.
     It only takes a bit of effort and creativity to design your abode with beautiful flowers. Apparently, these are a great addition in making your home look more sophisticated, welcoming, and interesting. Each visitor will absolutely be delighted to see these once they pay a visit to your house.

I am a Stork OTC Ambassador. All opinions are my own
     Last month, I talked about how we were using the Stork OTC to make our baby dreams a reality, This month, we are going to see how that's going and talk about how the Stork OTC can help you on your journey also. Keep reading to find out if the Stork OTC is right for you! 

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     As a mom of both babies who were born prematurely and babies born with congenital heart defects, I know the risks that RSV season brings with it. Most of us do not consider how fragile our little one's lungs are. When we hold them, we see how tiny they are and we feel like we can protect them from everything, as long as we keep them close. It is important for all parents to know how to keep their child's lungs save from this season's biggest threat. By knowing the facts about RSV and learning how you can protect your child's lungs, you can keep your little one safe all through the year! 

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     Yoplait Go Big the new, yummy food that your on the go tweens are going to want to grab. It is good for them, tastes great, but it is easy to eat on the run. We all know that today's active tween never quits moving, so they need something that moves with them, and Yoplait Go Big does just that. It also gives them the energy they need to keep going! My daughter loves that the larger tube is designed specifically with tweens and teens in mind, especially since she is always hungry! 

     If you are looking to get a new bedroom on a budget, it isn't that difficult. By just changing a few things in our daughter's room, we gave it a completely new look! Remember, when you are redecorating, sticking to a budget is the key. For our kiddo's birthday we wanted to give her an updated "teen" look to her room, but we didn't want to spend a ton. So, the budget was set and we were determined to stick to it! 
     The existing wall color was pink and the carpet was purple. Lucky for us, these are still our daughter's favorite colors and they worked well for what we had planned for the room. So, no painting was needed. We did add these fabulous floating bookshelves, that you can easily do in any room of your home! 

     Every family loves to have a clean home, and we all know that starts from the bottom up. Oreck is a brand I personally use and trust. We have had an Oreck vacuum in our home for the past five years and we love it. It is perfect for homes like ours which have kids, pets, and carpeting. I also love the tune ups we get at our local Oreck store. This is a personalized service that you cannot get with any other brand you purchase. Oreck is hands down our favorite vacuum and it will be yours too! 

I am so excited! I just learned that US Family Guide has partnered with Pleasant Holidays, a leading provider of package vacations. They're based in the U.S. and have great deals on family vacations worldwide - Hawaii, contiguous United States, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, Costa Rica, Europe, Tahiti, Fiji and more. They can also book complete cruise vacations with airfare, onboard accommodations, and pre- and post-cruise hotel stays for vacations where everyone can relax and enjoy. 

     These are just like the toys you remember, except way smaller! They are great for keeping your kiddos busy on car trips, playing at home, or just reminiscing about your childhood.