As a blogger I have tried a ton a serums, and the ISA Professional 24K Gold Serum is by far the most unique. It is formulated with actual 24K gold flakes in the serum! 
     This serum also has a ton of other great things to make your skin look years younger. I have been using it, and it works great. The one thing that I absolutely love about the 24K Gold Serum is the scent. It has a slightly perfumed scent that most serums do not have, so you will love putting it on. The scent is similar to roses. 
     The serum itself is formulated to brighten your skin, reduce age spots, and eliminate wrinkles. This serum is going to be your new best friend. 

     Since I am always outdoors with my family, my hair and skin take a beating. Especially in the winter and summer, the harsh conditions cause my skin to lose all of its moisture and my hair to get very dry and brittle. 
     To combat my skin's dry patches I have been using EVAO from ISA Professional. This is 100% all natural and organic Argan Oil. This oil is amazing for moisturizing all day long. It also takes away the fine lines and wrinkles that our skin has a tendency of showing as we age. 

     Us girls are always searching for the best hair products. I have found an amazing flat iron that actually works, from Isa Professional. The flat iron is super easy to use. The iron has smart technology that auto sets the temperature, so you never have a need to adjust it. This means, when you are doing a thicker section of hair, or flyaways, the iron will adjust itself. There is no need for you to ever worry you are doing damage. The flat iron is great for straightening, making waves, and creating curls. The 100% solid tourmaline ceramic pivoting plates make your hair look great, no matter what type of hair you have. 
    This is by far the best and easiest to use flat iron on the market. Check out the before and after photos of my daughter below.