As parents we are entitled to have or go to a great party every now and again, which brings us to the obvious use for these Lil' Red Party Cups-shots, jello/pudding shots, beer pong, beer tasting, etc...   However, there are some other uses the can be more family oriented!  My kids saw these cups and right away wanted to take claim of them!  So with that being said, we had to be more creative than the obvious when were are talking about children!  These cups are great for toddler parties for little hands, little appetites and needless to say-little spills which is much better for us moms!  Writing children's names on the cups also helps with waste!  If you have a daughter with any 18" baby dolls, these are perfect for "tea parties".  Finally, these make some great sized popsicles if you fill with juice, tie in a small stick and freeze.  Your kids will be able to finish them in the heat without becoming a sticky mess! So make sure that you http://www.thinklilreds.com/