Our family loves being active, and the PlasmaCar allows us to do just that, and have a blast! ThePlasmaCar is made by PlaySmart toys and is perfect for adults as well as children. In our home, we have two of these awesome little cars, so we frequently have PlasmaCar races. 
     One of my favorite PlasmaCar features is that it is so easy to ride. My little two year old has no problems with it and glides all through our home. All you need to make them go is a smooth, flat surface and the fun begins!  

     Our family has found a really fun board game that we all enjoy! With winter here we are constantly playing games, and with the holidays coming. Squashed makes an excellent gift. 
     This super interactive game consists of pawns and cubes. The object is to be the last pawn remaining on the cube! 
     During game play, you roll a die and that allows you to move your pieces, and possibly the cube itself. The player with the last pawn remaining wins! 

     PlaSmart makes great products for kiddos! The Smart Mat is no exception. This nifty multipurpose mat is awesome for every child that loves to play!
     When I first unrolled it, the smell from the coating has a strange odor. However, it does dissipate quickly after it is laid out. I was impressed with how large the Smart Mat is. The giant play surface covers 78 in. x 46 in. I had known what the measurements were prior to it arriving, but until you actually see it, you have no idea! It is so big that youngest child and I could both play comfortably...with loads of cars!