No mommy wants to sacrifice style for necessity. timi & leslie has made it completely possible for you to be the stylish woman that you are, but the caring mommy that your little one needs. With timi & leslie bags, you have more than enough room for everything a baby will need and more! 

     You all know what a fan of timi & leslie I am! They have an incredible new collection out and it is even better than ever! 
     timi & leslie is amazing because they make products for moms, which allow us to still be functional and fashionable. Up until timi & leslie made their mark, most diaper bags had characters or frills on them. They were made for the tots and not for the moms. timi & leslie realized that they needed to make the bags for the people they were intended for....mommies! 

     timi & leslie is an incredible brand that I have used since the birth of youngest child. Not only is it fashionable, but they are beautiful diaper bags! Now that my little guy is growing out of the diaper bag stage, I don't really need one of their traditional "diaper bags". So, I have been using the Rachel, pictured to the left. 
     This awesome bag has plenty of room for your tot's needs, but it is designed more like a traditional purses. 

     When you have a baby, there is always a ton of stuff to tote around. With Timi & Leslie, you don't have to sacrifice style for convenience. 
     I had the opportunity to review the Mary Antoinette Diaper Bag from Timi & Leslie. It is an amazing, luxurious, seven piece bag that will carry all of your tot's needs. It is the lightest designer bag on the market today, so the bag itself will not add any unnecessary weight to your shoulders.