Ultra Pro creates wonderful products for protecting what is important to you and your family from baseball cards to gaming devices.  My children used the Ultra Pro Ultra Sleeves for Kindle Fire HD, iPad mini and other 7" tablets.  These sleeves are inexpensive and simple but a great way to keep your tablet safe from water, scratches and smears.  Many times the protective sheets that you stick to the screen would come off easily or effect the "touch" of the screen but with these sleeves it covers the entire device keeping it in place and the "touch" seemed to even be better with it on!  The sleeves are disposable and 100% recyclable, though we got quite a bit of use out of one, and come in a package of ten.  With a wide variation of protective products, go to http://www.ultra-sleeves.com/ to protect what is important to you!  Be sure to enter the Ultra Pro giveaway on our Giveaway page!