<![CDATA[NonperfectParenting - Product Reviews]]>Thu, 21 Sep 2017 19:35:57 -0700Weebly<![CDATA[Reducing Monthly Outgoings: A Simple Guide]]>Thu, 14 Sep 2017 16:50:22 GMThttp://nonperfectparenting.com/5/post/2017/09/reducing-monthly-outgoings-a-simple-guide.html     Budgets tend to run on a monthly basis, moving from one paycheck to the next. This is a sensible way of managing your finances; while the overall picture matters, it’s easier to keep track of expenditure and outgoings when you do so on a monthly basis.
     It can nevertheless be tough to see the way that the money you bring in is quickly depleted by all those essential monthly outgoings. The amount you bring in looks nice, but then every direct debit and outgoing payments chips chunks of it away - to the point where the average American family is left with relatively little in terms of disposable income, as theatlantic.com reports.
     So what can you do about it? Controlling your monthly outgoings is a vital part of the financial planning process, so take a few steps in the right direction and you could be left with more money at the end of the month.
Step One: Make A List Of All Your Outgoings
You might know about your outgoings, but that doesn’t mean you have seen them all collated into a single list before. When you see the full list of all the regular payments you make, you might be surprised by how long it is. Ensure you include payments that you make via a card -- such as a Netflix subscription -- as well as the direct debits from your bank account.
Step Two: Look At Debt Repayments
The first area you should focus on is debt repayments. These are movable figures, meaning you can change them -- it’s not like the rent or mortgage, which you aren’t going to be able to do much about. If you have savings, then it’s worth considering debt consolidation; if you don’t have savings, it might be more beneficial to take out a single loan and reduce all outgoing payments to one smaller payment. There’s plenty of advice on how this might work on debtconsolidation.co, so have a read, and you could soon see your monthly outgoings tumble.
Step Three: Check Your Insurance Policies
Insurance policies are great, covering you in the event of the worst happening. However, they can also be troublesome -- especially if you have policies running for items that you no longer need. You might even find that you have duplicate policies covering the same thing. So it’s important to take the time to go through each and every policy, ensuring that you cancel those that are no longer relevant to your financial needs.
Step Four: Practice A One In/One Out Tactic
If your primary focus is on saving money, then the simplest way of managing monthly outgoings is with a one in/one out policy. Every time you subscribe to a new monthly payment -- be it a direct debit or a payment to a subscription service -- you have to cancel an existing payment. This means you will focus on what you actually need and see as important, ensuring every dime you spend is going to services that will actually benefit you.
     By the end of going through these steps, you should have significantly reduced your monthly payments -- giving you and your family more financial freedom.

<![CDATA[Being an Awesome Parent Can Lead to an Awesome Career]]>Mon, 11 Sep 2017 16:33:23 GMThttp://nonperfectparenting.com/5/post/2017/09/being-an-awesome-parent-can-lead-to-an-awesome-career.html     For many parents, it’s difficult to look past the role of ‘being a parent.' There are children to care for, memories to be made, those rare moments of alone time when we can focus on our passions and hobbies, and all the other small details that makeup life as head of a clan of people. There’ll come a time, however, when you have more time on your hands, such as when all the kids have started school or - shudder - begun to leave home. At that point, you’ll probably start thinking about getting yourself a job, and maybe a career. But if you’ve spent years being a parent, would anybody hire you? You bet they would. Just through the course of raising children, you’ll have acquired many valuable skills, and there’ll be some jobs that you’ll be tailor made for. Below, we take a look at everything you need to know about using your awesome parenting skills to land a career you love.
The Skills:
No many people fully understand what skills recruiters are actually looking for. While having a skill is, of course, useful, it’s often the ‘under the radar’ assets that can make a candidate stand out. And you’ll have a whole bunch of these desirable attributes. Just have a read below.

Working Under Stress
The company you’re working for has a deadline to meet. Time is ticking by, and people’s morale and work output are beginning to diminish. Are you overwhelmed by the circumstances? Absolutely not. Stress is dealing with three tired, hungry kids as you try to find somewhere to eat in a busy city, and when it’s raining outside no less. You’ll have proven that you’re capable of handling stressful situations, so when the going gets tough in work, you’ll be on hand to deliver your best.

As a default, an employee needs to have excellent personal organization. It’s even better if they have the organizational skills to help the office run smoothly and work productively. Over the past few years, you’ve been organizing yourself, and a band of fellow humans, who you’ve always ensured have made it to their appointments, been well fed, have a roof over their head, and so on. You won’t have even realized that you’ve been doing has been developing your organizational skills, but that’s just what you’ve been doing.

And then let’s think about the many tasks you’ve been in charge of. These haven’t existed independently, allowing you to spend time on each one until they were completed before moving onto the next one. They’ve likely overlapped with one another, which is turn has made you a dab hand at multi-tasking. The ability to focus on more than one thing at any single time is valued by employers, especially in this day and age, when job roles often require a variety of tasks.

And let’s not forget those annoying co-workers, who will from time to time act like children. OK, so maybe your patience will be put to better effect in the office, such as taking the time to see a project through to the end, or not being disheartened by slow progress. You’re already well aware that great things happen one step at a time: you see it day in, day out with your children.

Team Skills
Think of your family as an organization. You’re the leader, or the manager if you will. But it’s not a dictatorship: you have to know the best way to motivate your children and get them on board. You’ll also most likely have a co-manager (your other half), which further ensures that you can’t get things all your own way. In the process of raising your kids, you’ll have become an awesome team player, one who can think of others, all the while getting their voice heard, and able to decide a course of action that’ll satisfy all. In an office, it’s this type of skill that makes things tick.  

Hard Work
Finally, let’s not forget that being a parent isn’t easy. You’ll have proven that you’re capable of digging deep and working hard, even through all the late nights, everyday parenting issues, and the rest. That’s not something that you should take lightly; your future employers won’t!

Entering the Work Field
Once you’ve overcome your child’s first few years and are ready for a new challenge, you’ll need to plan your route back into the work field, especially if you have a particular job that you have in mind. This will be about getting used to a working routine and finding employment that makes the most of the skills you’ve learned during parenthood.

You’re unlikely to be able to jump straight back into a full-time, career oriented job. Instead, start slow, perhaps by volunteering with an organization that you have an interest in. Many charities operate as if they were a business, so whatever your long term career goals are, there’ll likely be a role that will give you some much-needed experience in this area. It’ll also enable you to transition from stay at home parent to worker slowly, so you can make sure that you’re able to fully devote yourself to all the important aspects of your life.

What Aspects of Parenting Have You Enjoyed?
When it comes to deciding what job you would eventually like to have, it’s a good idea to figure out what aspects of parenting you’ve enjoyed. If you’ve loved the nurturing aspect of parenthood, then you might consider becoming a teacher, or involved in educational administration and planning. If you enjoyed the empathy aspects, then you might be well-suited for a job as a therapist.  

Studying While Parenting
When you’ve picked the types of jobs you will be suited for and have an interest in, it’s a good idea to see if there are any qualifications you can study that will boost your chances of landing a job. You’ll be able to study at home, alongside your parenting responsibilities, before you begin looking for work. If you’re considering entering the education industry, then an online Master of Education degree will enhance your credentials. There are also behavioral and therapy courses available, should you want you to work with children (or adults) who would benefit from your empathy skills.

Ideal Professions
We’ve covered the education and behavioral sectors, but there are many other jobs that parents are suitable for. It all depends on what you want to emphasize, and how you want - or need - to balance your work/home life. If you’re determined to work from home, then look at becoming a web writer or website designer. IT, in particular, is very big right now, with more jobs than there are people to fill them. You can also learn these skills at home, through online courses.

Juggling Your Responsibilities
It’ll take some getting used to your new life as a working parent. Of course, entering a job won’t mean that your parenting responsibilities are any fewer. Not at all! You’ll need to figure out an arrangement with your employer to ensure your job doesn’t negatively affect your home life, and it also might be time to start sweet-talking your parents and other family members to see if they can pick your children up from school, babysit, and so on.

Final Thoughts
People don’t automatically think that parenting and a career go hand in hand, but, as we’ve shown, they have a lot in common. Enjoy your parenting time and make the most of it: it might lead to a career you love further on down the line.

<![CDATA[Parties Aren't Just For Kids, They're For Adults Too!]]>Thu, 07 Sep 2017 17:51:52 GMThttp://nonperfectparenting.com/5/post/2017/09/parties-arent-just-for-kids-theyre-for-adults-too.htmlWhen you hear the word party, you usually imagine one of two things; it’s either a small child’s birthday party will loads of little kids running their socks off to party music and eating pre made sandwiches off paper plates, or it’ll be a bunch of teenagers getting drunk when their parents are away. But fear not because adults can have parties too,  but how are you going to make it sophisticated enough for a grown up audience? Well if you carry on reading, you’ll not have to wonder!
Vintage Playlist

All of your adult friends are going to all be around the same age, so this is something that is not only going to make your night memorable but it’s going to be an amazing trip down memory lane! Music is essential, so what you’re going to want to do is use services like Spotify to organise a playlist. There are 2 advantages to using premium music services; the first one is that the quality of the music will be top, and the range of music will be huge, so get a playlist together that’s got all of the songs from when you were growing up to really make the night fun!

Alcohol Infused Foods

Every party has to have food, and every party has to have alcohol (if you’re old enough!) so why to fuse the two together? That’s right, you can fuse your favourite foods together with alcohol, meaning everyone can get a little tipsy but still eat things at the same time! However, you can’t just go throwing alcohol into everything, you have to know what compliments what, and that’s where websites like alcohol professor come into play. These websites have the best alcohol infused foods you should have at your party, and how to make them and dress them, so check it out before you dive in!

Garden Lights And Furniture

At a party, the garden is classed as the chill out zone; it’s outside, it’s quiet as it’s away from all the music and it’s cooler so people can sit outside and enjoy cooling down when it gets too warm inside for them! To make your garden ready for a party, you should really dress it up with some lights and furniture. Gone are the teenage days of lying down on the grass too drunk to function, adults need somewhere relaxed to sit and speak to one another, and to actually be able to see outside to! Properly done it will serve as an excellent seating area for those who just want to step outside for a bit.

Doing all of these things is going to greatly accentuate the feel of your party, you’ll have the music that will send everyone flying down memory lane, you’ll have some interesting ways to consume alcohol and food at the same time and you’re going to have a nice staging area outside for some chill time! But you’re going to need to invite people to your party, and this is the perfect way to do it.

<![CDATA[Setting Yourself Up In Your 20's - What You Need To Know]]>Tue, 05 Sep 2017 18:47:20 GMThttp://nonperfectparenting.com/5/post/2017/09/setting-yourself-up-in-your-20s-what-you-need-to-know.htmlNot everyone is able to get the advice they need to hear when they’re young. Often it takes repeated mistakes, foresight and the reflection on both of those happenstances that crafts a wise and knowledgeable adult. However, as the old saying goes, foresight teaches gently, while error teaches brutally. There are many things you need to know about becoming a functional adult, and not all of them are as obvious as you might expect. Luckily, with the right attitude and foresight, you can continue on your path with some form of wisdom. If you haven’t the parent or elder who can guide you through this time in your life, this guide will serve as a substitute.

Be sure to digest all of the advice here and see what it means for your own situation. A little foresight can mean plenty when you’re planning a life.

Unlike what many people tell you, or what you might think yourself after comparing yourself to your friends, you don’t need to achieve everything by your mid 20’s. While hard work ethic is something you’d do well to learn as early as you can if you’d like to achieve anything at all, that doesn’t mean you should suffocate yourself trying to work out your way to the top. A life spent getting to the top of a field you don’t enjoy could be considered relatively fruitless, no matter how much money you earn. Does that mean that all business leaders love working in their industry? Most likely, no. It might be hard to get excited about selling PVC pipes and heat exchangers. However, for most people, they stay in careers because the daily progression of their job comes within some approximation to what they like to spend their days doing.

Identify your strengths when picking a career, and balance that against your likes and hopes for the future. What is it you’d do in your free time that’s productive without being paid and without external pressure? It’s likely that very same field is the one which you could do very well working within.  For most people, however, even graduates, it will take multiple jobs to finally really assess what CAREER they’d like to begin. Experimentation is key here, and when you have the ability to make it in your youth, you should go after it with all your heart and ambition.


It might be more difficult for you to get on the property market these days, but that doesn’t mean you should limit yourself to renting all of your life. Investing wisely such as through saving schemes or even purchasing a cheap flat abroad can give you a leg up in either living cheaply, subletting or selling renovated homes in your spare time. As with jobs, it’s likely that you’ll never understand the perfect location to live in until you experiment with different locations, countries, and cultures. This is why it’s so important to take vacations to areas you haven’t seen before. Don’t expect to secure your dream property just yet. That often doesn’t come until you find a place to settle your family, and even then it’s unlikely that it’ll be perfect until you’ve gone through many interpretations and explorations about what the perfect home decors means to you. Remember, there are no rulebooks when it comes to personal taste, so don’t expect everything to be perfect straight off, or for you to suddenly find your dream property in the first place you try to live. Have a little patience, live within your means, and be grateful for what you do have to truly keep a positive attitude towards your life.


Life has plenty of ups and downs, and you will experience the full spectrum of these over the next 20 years. However, being afraid of experiencing this changing nature of life will only make you brittle and even less able to deal with the challenges that arise. It’s always unfortunate when something dramatic happens in your family, or to one of your friends, but unfortunately, this is part of life. Progressing is something you must never fail to do, no matter how hopeless the situation seems. Keeping on top of your life, pushing it in areas that help you discover more about yourself and the world around you, as well as giving you that inclination to keep pushing through hard times. Over time, the ability to do this will net you outer and inner rewards which are enviable. Keep putting your best foot forward as much as you can do so and you’ll always know you’ll have done your best.


It’s no great failing in a human being to make mistakes, especially with someone so young as to not understand the cost of making them. Having 100% foresight with every situation in your life would render life boring and static. Learn as much as you can about the world around you. Tune into multiple news sources. Educate yourself about the central ideas between both sides of the political spectrum. Experience many different religious ceremonies, even if you have no desire or plans for religion yourself. Take holidays in places that you never would, simply to see how cultures express themselves. More importantly, don’t pretend to be right all the time. If you can’t listen and can’t adapt, you can’t change, and that makes you a boring and static person too. A lifelong learner will change their character and attitudes towards life many times, but this is so worth it that it’s almost impossible to argue the contrary.

<![CDATA[Welcome Fall ┬áIn Style With At Home Stores]]>Tue, 05 Sep 2017 18:44:37 GMThttp://nonperfectparenting.com/5/post/2017/09/welcome-fall-in-style-with-at-home-stores.htmlThis is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of At Home stores. Any opinions are my own. 
     Fall is just around the corner and we are in the mood to decorate in our home! Of course we had to shop our favorite home store, At Home, for the best in fall decor. It keeps our home looking amazing and it keeps me in budget! 
     Want to see some of the harvest awesomeness I picked up? I wanted to add a touch of fall to our sitting area in the family room. For around $100, I got great quality and adorable items that my family and friends love. See what we added below. 
     This super cute green acorn dish is functional and festive. It adds a touch of fall to our table and satisfies our guest's sweet tooth. For just $8.99, this dish is a great touch to add to any room! 
     It can't be fall without pumpkins, right? Of course At Home has an endless selection, so you can find the perfect one to decorate your space with! I found this metal pumpkin who hangs out on our side table. It works perfectly with the accent pillows and adds even more fall to the room. Grab yours for only $12.99
     No area is complete without the perfect pillows. I saw these super soft chenille pillows in rust during my shopping expedition and just had to have them! One thing that I love about At Home is they always have THE BEST pillow selection ever. These throw pillows went perfectly for what I was trying to accomplish in our family room, so I grabbed two. Love them as much as I do? Head to At Home and they can be yours for $14.99 each. 
     This classic pillow is the perfect way to greet your friends and family when they come in from the cool crisp air. It is a great size, 38x14 in. and is soft so you can still use it on a char or sofa. Kiddos will even love to curl up with it while drinking cider. Get yours before fall is here at your nearest At Home store for $24.99.
     The final item I decided to refresh our family room with is a fall necessity. No one wants to be caught in the cool autumn weather without the perfect blanket. I am always cold, so for me this is an absolute necessity. I chose a super soft, amazingly beautiful chenille throw. Love the look? Grab it now at At Home for just $29.99.
     Now you can see why At Home is my home decorating go to! They have amazing items at awesome prices. Check out their website to locate the nearest At Home to you for all of your decor needs. 
This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of At Home stores. Any opinions are my own. 
<![CDATA[Kids Parties For Parents: A Welcoming Guide]]>Thu, 03 Aug 2017 19:06:59 GMThttp://nonperfectparenting.com/5/post/2017/08/kids-parties-for-parents-a-welcoming-guide.htmlWhile most parents tend to enjoy it when their own kids have a party, other children’s parties are… well… not exactly the most inviting of prospects. While you know your kids will have a good time as guests, the same is not always true of the parents.
We’ve all been to those kids parties where the kids are having a blast, while the parents stand around awkwardly, realizing they have nothing in common bar the fact their children are friends. They’re not fun experiences, and you can spend more time talking to your child than other parents - which not only limits how much fun your kid can have, but denies you some essential adult time.

It therefore makes sense that the next time you are throwing a party for your own kids, you might want to spend a few minutes ensuring the adults are catered to as well. This needn’t be as difficult as it sounds; it is possible to have a truly amazing kids party while still satisfying the Moms and Dads too. Here is a simple route to managing this unlikely juxtaposition.

#1 - Food and Drink Options

For kids, a birthday party is a time when they can forget the need to eat healthily and indulge themselves. While it’s also a chance for adults to drink fizzy soda and eat cake they might usually avoid, it’s undeniable that some people just won’t want to.

This is why it makes sense to have a few adult-friendly food options, right through from canapes to the desserts that you prepare. It also helps if you save yourself some time and buy alcohol online, as well as a few options for those who might have dietary requirements. You’ll find the parents will be extremely grateful for their needs having been catered to, making a more pleasant atmosphere for all.

#2 - Split The Minding Duty

Having to hover over kids during a party is a surefire way of guaranteeing no parent is going to have the best time. So everyone can have a break and doesn’t feel the need to helicopter over their offspring, split up the duties. While a few select parents watch over the whole bunch, the rest of you can take a minute’s respite and relax in a separate area.

It’s always a good idea to ensure the lines of communication between the guardian parents and the relaxing parents are open. If you can’t quickly shout for assistance, then swap phone numbers, so if you’re taking time out relaxing you can be sure you can get back to your child ASAP in the event of mishap.

#3 - Entertainment Choices

Many a children’s party will leave the adults with very little to do but either watch the kids, or talk amongst themselves. While it’s fine to talk if you know one another, a lot of parties won’t have the same level of parental involvement - which can leave people who don’t know the rest so well, feeling like they are left out.

You can prevent this problem with a few entertainment options for adults. Card games are fun and usually popular, or just play a movie in a quiet space - something light that people can dip in and out of.

Hopefully, thanks to the above, your party will not only be amazing for your child - but all the attending adults, too!

<![CDATA[Parenting Takes Time, So Here's How to Find More of It]]>Sun, 30 Jul 2017 23:34:42 GMThttp://nonperfectparenting.com/5/post/2017/07/parenting-takes-time-so-heres-how-to-find-more-of-it.html     Parenting is one of those things that there is no fixed definition of. There is no right way and wrong way to be a parent. You just have to find your own way and be the best parent you can. But one thing that parenting does require is time. You need to have time to spend with your children and dedicate to them. However, it’s not always easy for working parents to find that time. Here are some ideas and changes that you might want to consider putting in place in order to find more time to be a parent.
Join Them in Doing What They Enjoy

All kids have certain things that they enjoy doing. And these days, those activities can often happen in isolation. This can eat into the time that you might be able to spend with your kids being a parent. So, why not join them in doing the things that they enjoy. Even if those things don’t interest you, make the most of them as ways to get closer to your kids and spend a bit more quality time with them. It could mean watching a TV show alongside them or even playing a videogame with them. It’s better to do it together than allow them to always do it alone.

Turn Tasks Into a Chance for Family Collaboration

There are always little things that need to be taken care of around the house. These tasks can also make it harder for you to spend time with your kids. When you have to cook, do DIY or make home improvements, how can you also dedicate time to parenting? Well, the answer is to find ways to turn the things you need to do into group projects that the family can collaborate on. There is no reason why you can’t have fun with your children doing some basic tasks around the home, such as cooking.

Pay Someone to do the Basic Chores Around the House

There are lots of chores that the kids are not going to want to give you a helping hand with, however. No child (and no adult either) enjoys cleaning, for example. So, why not simply pay someone else to take care of the basic chores around the house that need to be sorted out. You don’t need to do everything by yourself. And the money you spend on things like house cleaning services could be a great investment. That’s because it will free up your time and allow you to be a better parent.

Try to Work Consistent and Predictable Hours

The hours you work matter a lot. If you work hours and shift patterns that are neither consistent nor predictable, it’s impossible to arrange times that you can do things with your children. So, this is something that you should aim to change if you want to find more time to be a parent. By having your work hours nailed down, you can know when you can shut off from work and focus on your family instead. That has to be a good thing for them and for you too.
<![CDATA[Surprising Ways Your Child Will Benefit from Having a Working Mom]]>Sun, 30 Jul 2017 23:30:34 GMThttp://nonperfectparenting.com/5/post/2017/07/surprising-ways-your-child-will-benefit-from-having-a-working-mom.html     One of the most difficult decisions any new mom has to make is whether to go back to work or not. On the one hand, you don’t want to leave your gorgeous baby. On the other hand, you need to provide for the family, and you may want to be more than just a mom too. Of course, everyone is different, and it is all about determining what is right for you and your family. However, there are some surprising ways that your child will benefit from having a working mom. Let’s take a look…
  • They become more independent - Kids are expected to be more responsible due to the simple reality of your family’s schedule. You aren’t there to hold your child’s hand throughout the entire day. They need to do things for themselves. When they are old enough, they will start to take care of different duties when they get home from school. This includes helping to start dinner, taking in the mail, and letting out the job. Your inability to be with them 24/7 will enable them to learn some valuable life skills.

  • Your job may be of a direct benefit to their progression – Your career may mean you are able to help your child with their homework and answer questions you otherwise would not be able to. In fact, a lot of parents find themselves going down a new career path once they have had kids. They often want to be involved in something that involves children or will help their children’s future. If this sounds like the position you find yourself in right now, one option is to take an online teacher librarian program. You will learn how to instruct students in using, evaluating, accessing, and integrating resources and information. This can be an excellent job when it comes to helping your child progress through school and higher education. From becoming a career advisor to a researcher, there are many different options for mothers who want to have a job of their own while also doing something that will benefit their child in the future.

  • They get more quality time – While you may spend less time with your children because you are now working, the time you do spend as a family will be real quality time. When you aren’t working, you will give your kids 100 percent of your time, and you will find that holidays and weekends often become a lot more special too. It can actually be a great way to bring the family together.

  • They learn about hard work and economics – Finally, by showing your children how important hard work is, they will learn some early lessons about economics. They will be more inclined to appreciate where money comes from, and this will lead to great opportunities for you to teach them about saving and budgeting. They will also be more encouraged to work hard in school because they will know just how important it is to secure a job that provides for their family in the future.

<![CDATA[Top Craft Ideas That Use Fabrics and Patterns]]>Wed, 12 Jul 2017 12:22:24 GMThttp://nonperfectparenting.com/5/post/2017/07/top-craft-ideas-that-use-fabrics-and-patterns.html     Creating your own things is always a satisfying and rewarding experience. There is no need to spend money on mass produced items when you can take the time to make things with your own two hands that are personal and specific to you. If you want to make something pretty using patterns and fabrics you have lying around, here are some ideas that you should definitely consider trying out.
What You Need to Get Started

If you want to get started, you will first need suitable materials and fabrics. You can buy these very cheaply online or from a crafts store if you prefer. Think about what you’re going to make too; the ideas below will help you make that decision. When you know what you want to make, you can buy the right tools to make it happen. If you’re going to be using fabrics and you want to try some of the ideas discussed below, you will probably need a sewing machine. There are resources that can help you with using a sewing machine, such as How does a sewing machine work? - sewingmachinejudge.com. Once you start learning, you will pick things up quickly.

Create Your Own Tote Bag

Tote bags are so simple but so useful at the same time. There is no reason why you can’t create your own and make the most of it each day. To make one, all you need to do is cut out the outer material, the inner material and some handles. They you just have to sew them together correctly and you will have a tote bag that you can start using right away. There are guides online that can show you how all this done.

Make Fabric Shoelaces

If you want to use your craft skills to make a fashion item that will have an impact on how you look, then why not opt for some new fabric shoelaces? These can be used on pretty much any shoes out there, as long as they’re lace-up shoes. And they can add some new colour or patterns to a pair of shoes that are starting to look a little dull and boring. It’s one of those things that’s really easy to do as well. You can find a tutorial at makeit-loveit.com/diy-fabric-shoelaces.

Create Covers for Seat Cushions and Pillows

These days, we all have cushions on our homes. They add a little extra comfort, and many people also choose them for their aesthetic properties. If you want to add some more cushions to your home, why not make your own covers for them? It’s so easy to do and can add a new dimension to your home. The same applies to covers for your pillows; they’re just as easy to make.

Make a Tablecloth

Finally, if you want to add something new to your home’s dining area, make a tablecloth. These are the simplest of all the simple craft ideas mentioned here. You just need the right fabric cut to the right measurements and finished off around the edges. Anyone can do it, and it’s perfect project for people just getting started.

<![CDATA[Accessorising Your Car For A Roadtrip]]>Wed, 12 Jul 2017 12:20:40 GMThttp://nonperfectparenting.com/5/post/2017/07/accessorising-your-car-for-a-roadtrip.html     Is your car ready for a roadtrip? Before hitting the road, it could be worth shopping around for some accessories. Not only could kitting out your car make the ride more comfortable, it could also give you more options of what to take with you. Here are some of the best accessories to arm yourself with before embarking on your highway adventure.
USB phone charger

Even if you do charge it up the night before, your phone is likely to go through more battery on a long roadtrip. Many of us will use our phone as a GPS, to stream music or simply as a device to keep the kids happy in the back. Being able to charge up en route can prevent running out of battery before getting to your destination. Some charger adaptors come with multiple ports and are useful for charging up multiple gadgets.


Whilst many of us have a GPS inbuilt into our smartphones, it can be worth having a separate GPS gadget to keep the phone free. This may allow you to use your phone to call people, to distract the kids with a movie or to use another driving app whilst still able to navigate oneself.

Roof rack

Family roadtrips can often be a squeeze. You can give yourself more space by fitting a roof rack to the top of the car. Luggage can then be stored at the top giving you more space to pack other belongings. For a more waterproof solution, a roof box may be more appropriate. These come in all shapes and sizes and could allow you to double your storage space.

Bike rack

For those days when you want to take a break from the wheel and be active, a bike rack can be ideal for giving you the option to go cycling. There are lots of different types of bike rack with some storing your bike on top, whilst others store it at the back. Other hobbyists may even want to fit racks for fishing rods or skis.

Safety Kit

Car safety kits are worth having in the event of a breakdown or accident. They include items such as warning triangles, first aid kits and fluorescent jackets. Some countries have even made having such a kit a legal requirement. You can also buy extras for different kinds of adventures. For example, if you’re travelling off-road or in very rural territory, it’s worth having a shovel and a tow rope. You may even want a jerry can if you’re unsure that you’ll come across a gas pump for a while.


Coolers can be useful for storing drinks and snacks on a long drive. This may prevent bottles of water from going warm. It may simply give you the option to take foods such as chocolate and milk and meats with you without worrying about them melting or going off. Some coolers are electric, whilst others offer a more economical icebox solution more suitable for shorter roadtrips.