<![CDATA[NonperfectParenting - Product Reviews]]>Sun, 23 Jul 2017 21:46:49 -0700Weebly<![CDATA[Top Craft Ideas That Use Fabrics and Patterns]]>Wed, 12 Jul 2017 12:22:24 GMThttp://nonperfectparenting.com/5/post/2017/07/top-craft-ideas-that-use-fabrics-and-patterns.html     Creating your own things is always a satisfying and rewarding experience. There is no need to spend money on mass produced items when you can take the time to make things with your own two hands that are personal and specific to you. If you want to make something pretty using patterns and fabrics you have lying around, here are some ideas that you should definitely consider trying out.
What You Need to Get Started

If you want to get started, you will first need suitable materials and fabrics. You can buy these very cheaply online or from a crafts store if you prefer. Think about what you’re going to make too; the ideas below will help you make that decision. When you know what you want to make, you can buy the right tools to make it happen. If you’re going to be using fabrics and you want to try some of the ideas discussed below, you will probably need a sewing machine. There are resources that can help you with using a sewing machine, such as How does a sewing machine work? - sewingmachinejudge.com. Once you start learning, you will pick things up quickly.

Create Your Own Tote Bag

Tote bags are so simple but so useful at the same time. There is no reason why you can’t create your own and make the most of it each day. To make one, all you need to do is cut out the outer material, the inner material and some handles. They you just have to sew them together correctly and you will have a tote bag that you can start using right away. There are guides online that can show you how all this done.

Make Fabric Shoelaces

If you want to use your craft skills to make a fashion item that will have an impact on how you look, then why not opt for some new fabric shoelaces? These can be used on pretty much any shoes out there, as long as they’re lace-up shoes. And they can add some new colour or patterns to a pair of shoes that are starting to look a little dull and boring. It’s one of those things that’s really easy to do as well. You can find a tutorial at makeit-loveit.com/diy-fabric-shoelaces.

Create Covers for Seat Cushions and Pillows

These days, we all have cushions on our homes. They add a little extra comfort, and many people also choose them for their aesthetic properties. If you want to add some more cushions to your home, why not make your own covers for them? It’s so easy to do and can add a new dimension to your home. The same applies to covers for your pillows; they’re just as easy to make.

Make a Tablecloth

Finally, if you want to add something new to your home’s dining area, make a tablecloth. These are the simplest of all the simple craft ideas mentioned here. You just need the right fabric cut to the right measurements and finished off around the edges. Anyone can do it, and it’s perfect project for people just getting started.

<![CDATA[Accessorising Your Car For A Roadtrip]]>Wed, 12 Jul 2017 12:20:40 GMThttp://nonperfectparenting.com/5/post/2017/07/accessorising-your-car-for-a-roadtrip.html     Is your car ready for a roadtrip? Before hitting the road, it could be worth shopping around for some accessories. Not only could kitting out your car make the ride more comfortable, it could also give you more options of what to take with you. Here are some of the best accessories to arm yourself with before embarking on your highway adventure.
USB phone charger

Even if you do charge it up the night before, your phone is likely to go through more battery on a long roadtrip. Many of us will use our phone as a GPS, to stream music or simply as a device to keep the kids happy in the back. Being able to charge up en route can prevent running out of battery before getting to your destination. Some charger adaptors come with multiple ports and are useful for charging up multiple gadgets.


Whilst many of us have a GPS inbuilt into our smartphones, it can be worth having a separate GPS gadget to keep the phone free. This may allow you to use your phone to call people, to distract the kids with a movie or to use another driving app whilst still able to navigate oneself.

Roof rack

Family roadtrips can often be a squeeze. You can give yourself more space by fitting a roof rack to the top of the car. Luggage can then be stored at the top giving you more space to pack other belongings. For a more waterproof solution, a roof box may be more appropriate. These come in all shapes and sizes and could allow you to double your storage space.

Bike rack

For those days when you want to take a break from the wheel and be active, a bike rack can be ideal for giving you the option to go cycling. There are lots of different types of bike rack with some storing your bike on top, whilst others store it at the back. Other hobbyists may even want to fit racks for fishing rods or skis.

Safety Kit

Car safety kits are worth having in the event of a breakdown or accident. They include items such as warning triangles, first aid kits and fluorescent jackets. Some countries have even made having such a kit a legal requirement. You can also buy extras for different kinds of adventures. For example, if you’re travelling off-road or in very rural territory, it’s worth having a shovel and a tow rope. You may even want a jerry can if you’re unsure that you’ll come across a gas pump for a while.


Coolers can be useful for storing drinks and snacks on a long drive. This may prevent bottles of water from going warm. It may simply give you the option to take foods such as chocolate and milk and meats with you without worrying about them melting or going off. Some coolers are electric, whilst others offer a more economical icebox solution more suitable for shorter roadtrips.

<![CDATA[Simple Strategies To Win More Sweepstakes]]>Tue, 11 Jul 2017 12:12:06 GMThttp://nonperfectparenting.com/5/post/2017/07/simple-strategies-to-win-more-sweepstakes.html     Like a lot of moms, you probably love freebies, and jump at the mention of any kind of gift card or chance to win free stuff. That’s part of why you’re visiting this blog, right? One thing that stays a big mystery to a lot of freebie-crazy moms is sweepstakes. If it seems like everyone but you is bringing home hoards of sweepstakes prizes, you may be approaching them the wrong way. Here are a few simple strategies to help your odds.
Target Sweepstakes with A lot of Prizes
There’s a fairly simple trend you should pick up on if you want to win more in the sweepstakes you enter: the more prizes a sweepstakes offers, the better your chances will usually be of winning something. This is pretty simple, but something that a lot of people seem to completely overlook. A giveaway that’s going to give out 100 prizes is going to be 100 times easier to get something out of than one that only has a single prize. Sure, some of the prizes may not be exactly what you want, but if you choose the right platform for entering, you’ll be able to search for sweepstakes offering the prizes you want, and a lot more of them! Sweepstakes Daily, for instance, is way better than www sweepstakes com in terms of searching. Prioritize the sweepstakes with more prizes, and you’ll do a lot for your chances of winning!

Look for Sweepstakes Restricted to Certain States
This is another great way to level the playing field, and improve your chances of being a winner. Among other things, individual states have their own rules regarding sweepstakes and other competitions. Due to this, you may be able to enter sweepstakes which bar entrants who live in other states. For example, New York, Rhode Island, and Florida are often excluded from large-scale sweepstakes, and Utah and California are very rarely included in sweepstakes that are sponsored by vineyards and beer companies. Hawaii and Alaska also miss out on a lot of large sweepstakes, as shipping to these states is more expensive. If you live in any of these states, then winning anything in large sweepstakes is going to be tough. If not, you’ve got an advantage. By targeting sweepstakes that other states can’t enter, you’ll trim down the competition you’ll be up against.
Prioritize Sweepstakes with Age and Gender Restrictions
Another easy way to up your chances of a win is looking for sweepstakes and competitions that restrict entrants according to age and gender. This is one more restriction that you can use to your advantage. For instance, the majority of sweepstakes require entrants to be 18 or over, but others may set the bar higher, with some even requiring entrants to be 25 or over. There are also competitions, mostly requiring you to complete a survey before entering, that are restricted to women. These can be a little hard to find, but the work is worth it; enter one of these, and you’ll instantly half the amount of people you’ll be up against.

<![CDATA[The Guide To Being A Single Parent In 2017]]>Fri, 07 Jul 2017 15:39:30 GMThttp://nonperfectparenting.com/5/post/2017/07/the-guide-to-being-a-single-parent-in-2017.html     Being a parent is one of the toughest jobs on the planet, but being a single parent can be twice as difficult. Depending on how many children you have, it might seem overwhelming at times. However, just the very act of you attempting to give your child what they’d receive with two parents automatically defines you as an amazing, incredible and worthy parent.
No one desires to become a single parent unless it’s required or thrust upon them, and so it’s important to remember simple tips and tricks to cope if this does happen to you. You might be going through a difficult divorce, experiencing and coming to terms with the loss of a spouse, or simply moving away from your partner with the children as a form of protecting the child.

No matter your reason, you should be gentle with yourself and realize how amazing you are for giving your everything to your child. But you should also keep these tips in mind.

Seek Professional Legal Help

This isn’t to assume that your single parenthood is a negative, it could be just what you and your child need. But during a harsh separation of partners such as through divorce, it can be difficult to come to terms with. Be sure you have a helper on hand such as Miller Bowles Law from start to finish, and your stress will reduce will which directly leads to you enjoying a better life with your children.

Give Yourself Space

As a single parent responsible solely for the wellbeing of your child,  you have a burden placed upon you. Your free time will be swallowed up completely, but depending on your attitude, this could be more than tolerable. It’s no less important to you to take a breather here and there. If you have a family or friend support network (which is vital to build if you don’t already have one,) you can find ways to unwind and relax on your own during a day in your schedule. Stay sociable, stay active, and stay as healthy as you can to give your body and mind the mental breaks and support they deserve.

Be Honest With Your Children

A child who used to experience two parents now experiencing one is a life event that they will eventually ask you about. Be honest with them from the get-go. This can help them avoid a nasty surprise for them later in life. If you’ve divorced, make sure you never highlight the errors or flaws of your ex-partner. It only serves to create animosity that your child doesn’t need. If your partner has died, explain to them this has happened so they understand and can digest it early. Be sure to have long conversations about this. Give them a space to approach you at any time they require. You are their support rock as much as they are yours.

Being a single parent isn’t easy, but it is resoundingly worth it. If you are currently taking up the duties of one, or about imminently about to, you need to realize how astounding you are. Keep your head held high and do right by your child - they will appreciate it with all of their heart and soul, even if they can’t vocalize that yet.

<![CDATA[Join Me for The Mother of All Baby Showers]]>Thu, 06 Jul 2017 22:59:38 GMThttp://nonperfectparenting.com/5/post/2017/07/join-me-for-the-mother-of-all-baby-showers.htmlThis is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Mother of All Baby Showers. All opinions are my own. 
     Moms in Pittsburgh are in for a treat! The biggest baby shower ever is right around the corner and you aren't going to want to miss it. This is the first time this awesome event will be held in Pittsburgh. Want to check it out? It will be at Heinz Field at the UPMC Club level on Thursday, July 27, 2017, from 6:00 PM-9:00 PM. Ill be there too so make sure you say hello! 

     You don't need to be preggo to attend. This unique event is all about pregnancy, parenting, and growing a family. It’s a true one-stop experience for gathering useful information and resources, meeting other parents and parents-to-be, celebrating parenthood, and getting pampering and gifted in the process.
      Educational sessions will cover topics related to prenatal and postnatal care, car seat safety, baby gear, nursery design, and more. The “Try It Before You Buy It” area gives attendees the chance to interact with maternity, juvenile, and family-focused national and local brands. All of the companies represented at the event have built success by listening to and educating parents, without passing judgment, and helping to instill confidence in their customers.
       The evening will also offer tasty treats from local businesses, mini spa treatments, The Mother of All Swag Bags, and giveaways valued at over $20,000.
     Sounds like a great mommy night out, right? See you there! 
This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Mother of All Baby Showers. All opinions are my own. 
<![CDATA[Have You Hit A Bump In The Road? The Most Common Relationship Hurdles]]>Thu, 06 Jul 2017 15:22:34 GMThttp://nonperfectparenting.com/5/post/2017/07/have-you-hit-a-bump-in-the-road-the-most-common-relationship-hurdles.html     You hear people say that relationships aren’t easy all the time. There are bound to be highs and lows. That’s the beauty of the unpredictability of life. But hopefully, there will be more peaks than troughs. If you’ve hit a bump in the road, don’t throw the towel in just yet. Often, it’s possible to overcome obstacles and get back on solid ground. Here are some of the most common relationship hurdles and some tips to get you back on track.
     Time is a luxury many of us don’t have. If you think about an average day, how long have you got to spend quality time with your partner? If you have children, looking after them is a 24-hour job, and if you work long hours, you may feel like you’re stuck in a constant conveyor belt of work and sleep. If you are struggling to make time for each other, and it’s having a negative impact on your relationship, think about how you could make the situation better. Try and make time for each other. When you’re scheduling, make sure there’s a slot for a date every week or month or even just some downtime when you can chill out together. Make each other your priority, and try and manage your time better if you find it hard to say no to others or your tail is always in a spin. Take advantage of offers of help from the people closest to you. If your mom and dad are always suggesting they take the kids for a sleepover or a day out, take them up on their offer from time to time.
     Most couples argue about money at some stage in their relationship, and for some, this can be a constant source of anxiety and stress. If you’re worried about paying the bills, your partner has a more flippant attitude to spending than you or one partner earns a lot more than the other, this may cause ructions. If you are rowing all the time, don’t call in the divorce attorneys just yet. Sit down, have a proper frank and honest chat, and try and identify the problems that are causing you to fall out. If you can’t reach a compromise or find a resolution, it may be worth seeing a financial adviser or talking to a couple’s therapist.

Long-distance relationships can be incredibly hard. Sometimes, all you want is to be together, but if your partner works away or travels on a regular basis, you may not get to see each other as often as you’d like. Phone and video calls enable you to communicate easily, but sometimes, this isn’t enough. If it is possible, try and visit each other, but stay in constant contact if this isn’t a viable option. You don’t have to rely on modern technology. Shaking things up with a delivery in the mail is a cute way of letting your partner know you’re missing them.

Love isn’t always a bed of roses. Sometimes, you’ll come across challenges as a couple, and trying to get through tough times will make you stronger. If you’ve hit a stumbling block, don’t give up. Work together to pinpoint the problem and find a solution.

<![CDATA[Sugar Rush: Smart Food For Birthday Parties]]>Thu, 06 Jul 2017 15:08:38 GMThttp://nonperfectparenting.com/5/post/2017/07/sugar-rush-smart-food-for-birthday-parties.html     Organizing a kid’s party can be an extremely challenging job. To start, you have to choose a venue and the activities the kids will be doing. Then, you have to make sure everyone is invited and you’ve got the space you need. And, finally, you have to sort out the food, drinks, and other consumables for the day. Food and drinks will be one of the hardest parts of this sort of event to iron out. Not only do you have to feed everyone, but you also have to feed them the right things. To help you out with this, this post will be going through some of the best ways to piece an event’s food together. So, now, you just have to start thinking about the other parts of the big day.
In most meals, there is a good balance between sweet and savory food. Traditionally, a meal will be started with a course or two of savory food and finished with something sweet. Depending on the event you’re hosting, a single main course will usually be fine. This gives you the chance to save money on courses which people won’t be expecting from you. And, allows you to put more time and energy into the parts which matter. Most of the time, a catering company will be too costly for a birthday party or babyshower. Instead, you’ll be making to food yourself. So, you need to find a way to make it cheap. Cold food or buffet options can be the best to achieve this. But, you could have a couple of prepared warm options which just need to be zapped in the oven.
     Once you have your main course sorted, you can start to think about dessert. Now, this is the trickiest part of this whole arrangement. It’s very easy for kids to accidentally eat too much sugar, resulting in hours of boundless energy which will be impossible to control. You can base the sort of dessert you choose on the activities you’re doing. If the kids are going to be active, you can afford to give them more sugar. But, if they’re going to be sat still, something a little milder would be best. A website like http://allcakeprices.com/food-lion-cakes/ has loads of different resources to help you to choose something like this. And, they have all of the prices clearly and accurately displayed.
     Putting all of this together is going to take some work. And, ideally, it’s best to aim to get as much as you can from the same places. This will save time, and could even save a little bit of money. Most supermarkets will allow you to purchase their products online, nowadays. Then, they deliver them to your door. With this sort of service, you should be able to tackle near enough all of your food and decoration for the event. And, you might even be able to sort out any gifts you’d like to give.

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to put everything you have into your quest to feed the masses. It’s easy to get great variety and value out of the food for an event like this. But, it will only happen if you do the research and due diligence required.

<![CDATA[The myriad range of benefits you can enjoy with a trampoline]]>Thu, 06 Jul 2017 14:59:28 GMThttp://nonperfectparenting.com/5/post/2017/07/the-myriad-range-of-benefits-you-can-enjoy-with-a-trampoline.html     Trampoline has gained lots of popularity in the world. It is one of the best exercises in the world. Trampoline is a very fun exercise it is very beneficial for health and fitness.

Trampoline is a great exercise. Moreover, it is good for cardiovascular. Trampoline helps to increase the heart rate also it pumps faster, and it supply more oxygen to the brain.

Trampoline is enormously enjoyable than running or jogging because by running and jogging the excess stress comes on the joints, feet, and the legs. Moreover, it may lead to probation that can be unpleasant and it can do damage to the joint, ankles and knees

Jogging and jumping on the trampoline is more efficient because the person can do the exercise for a prolonged time without feeling tired or feeling pressure on your joints.

Keeping fit

By practicing trampoline one hour a day, it keeps the person fit throughout the day. Trampoline is very much beneficial as compared to jogging. It burns the maximum amount of calories from the body. There are the peoples who do cardio exercise on a regular basis but the long hour of cardio cause many problems.

Trampoline is best for the metabolism exercise, and it is the ultimate key when it comes to weight loss.

Helps to detox the body

Trampoline contributes to expedite the body in a natural detoxification way. From trampoline, every muscle gets benefited and also it provides tremendous benefits to the lymphatic system.

When the blood flows in the body the fluid wastes out from the blood vessels into the body tissues. Then the fluid washes the body tissues to produce tissues fluid.

Then the fluid accumulates waste products.

For detox, at least a person should do 30 minutes of trampoline exercise.

Improve the immune system

The lymphatic is an essential element of the immune system. It fights against virus and bacteria Moreover, the lymph contains a higher number of WBC cells which is called lymphocytes. Lymphocytes fight against the contagion in the body and also it destroys damaged cells in the body.

Also by practicing trampoline on a regular basis, it helps to improve the immune system. Also, trampoline contributes to increase the action of red bone marrow in the body.

Prevent cancer

Trampoline is very useful. It improves the circulation of the lymphatic fluid which helps to destroy cancerous cells in the body.

Practicing trampoline is a great thing and it will provide a good health.However, before practicing it, one should consult with the doctor if he or she has any health issue. Moreover, it is always essential to perform under proper guidance. To know more click http://getairfayetteville.com/ .

Trampoline keeps a person fresh all the day. Also, it is an excellent way to relieving stress and depression. Trampoline is a very fun exercise people will never get bored by trampoline.

Author Bio

Patrick R. Collings is the author of this article, and he has lots of experience in this field. Moreover, he knows the essence of the trampoline. For mores suggestions go to http://getairfayetteville.com/ .

<![CDATA[Why You Should Encourage Your Child To Get A Job At An Early Age]]>Thu, 06 Jul 2017 14:53:22 GMThttp://nonperfectparenting.com/5/post/2017/07/why-you-should-encourage-your-child-to-get-a-job-at-an-early-age.html     If your child has just become a teenager, it may be the time to start talking about getting a job. It may be hard to imagine that happening because you still see them as being your little baby, and in a sense, they always will be - but you can't baby them forever. They are at that age now where it's important to start picking up valuable skills that will be used in adult life. By developing these early, they won't have such a shock as time goes on - instead, they should have a smooth transition from teen to 'adult.'
This can be done by encouraging them to get a part-time job. It doesn't have to be anything amazing or extraordinary - just something that gets them out of the house and teaches them a thing or two about working hard.
Here's why.
Your child may not have ever had to be responsible before, as you as the parent, tend to get everything done for them. By having a job, they will learn how important it is to be responsible in life, and take ownership for their mess ups, instead of putting them onto someone else. Not only that, but it will give them a sense of power and purpose because someone is relying on them to do the job right.
Working will give your child the experience in all sorts of areas, mentally and physically. They may really enjoy what they're doing, or they may hate going, but these feelings will determine what your child actually wants to do in the future. Pop into local stores and see if they're hiring anyone to come in part-time, whether that be to clean, great guests or serve them. You can find even more at jobapplicationcenter.com, so have an evening together where you browse online at the possible jobs available.
Your child will be put into a new environment that they may or may not be familiar with. As scary as it can be at first, they will soon get talking and socialize with others, and they might just find a new friend that share the same interests. This is ideal because your child will have good company, and come away with a new pal, and may have even learned a lesson or two from them about having a good work ethic and making goals towards the future.


Don't forget the rewards of all that hard work - money. They now have their own cash to buy things with. As ordinary as it sounds to you - your child's payday will be one of the best moments of their life, and you should encourage them to go wild and buy whatever they like. Their first payday should be a memorable one, and they earned it, so let them do whatever they like with what they have. The conversation about saving up like on nonperfectparenting.com, can be for another day.

Now you can have a talk, and ask them their opinions on the idea. Show them that you care about how they feel - it is their future after all. But brace yourself - your little one isn't so little anymore.

<![CDATA[Your Little One Can Be a Detective! ]]>Fri, 30 Jun 2017 19:45:49 GMThttp://nonperfectparenting.com/5/post/2017/06/your-little-one-can-be-a-detective.htmlThis is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Noddy Toyland Detective. All opinions are my own.
     With summer here we spend a ton of time outside playing and exploring. The tough time is when us grownups have to work and the kids are left to entertain themselves. I love to find apps that I know my kids will have fun with but also challenge my children and keep them thinking. After all, summer is when most kiddos loose all of that valuable knowledge they learned through the year. Even my youngest loves to hang out and play on his iPad. His latest addiction is Noddy Toyland Detective. 
     Noddy is a super fun and colorful app that you will love playing with your child as much as they love playing on their own. The object of the game is to solve mysteries in Toyland. The cute app also includes fun little mini games that will keep your kiddo entertained for hours. I love that my kiddo loves to play it and it has a ton of replayability. So, they keep playing well past the first time. 
     Want to try out Noddy Toyland Detective? Download on   iTunes http://bit.ly/NoddyToyland and google play http://bit.ly/NoddyToyland2
This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Noddy Toyland Detective. All opinions are my own.