<![CDATA[NonperfectParenting - Product Reviews]]>Tue, 25 Apr 2017 03:32:25 -0700Weebly<![CDATA[Giving Your Home The Go Over? When To DIY And When To Get Help]]>Fri, 21 Apr 2017 20:50:07 GMThttp://nonperfectparenting.com/5/post/2017/04/giving-your-home-the-go-over-when-to-diy-and-when-to-get-help.html     It’s not secret that the key to a great family home is hard work. We’re not just talking about the relationships either. The building itself needs to be maintained and looked after. It’s far cheaper to maintain a home than it is to completely have to replace aspects of it. With that said, it can be difficult to know what jobs to tackle ourselves, and which to leave to the experts. So if you’re updating your interiors here’s a guide to doing it yourself, and getting help…
Liven Up The Living Room
     The family room, front room, living room, whatever you want to call it, this is a hugely important room in the house. It’s the room where you’re most likely to do your socializing, but it’s also the place where the whole family can come together to hang out. That’s often the problem, a living room can end up being too formal and too informal. If you’re looking to give your living area some TLC remember that it has to serve two functions, chill out space and entertaining area.
     The good news is that you can modify the living room yourself, as long as you don’t mind some DIY. There are some great and easy ways to update your furnishings. Family portraits are nice but they can feel too formal. Instead, why not frame a photograph you took whilst on holiday? This is still personal but feels more relaxed than a posed portrait. To make the room ready to entertain fake your way to paneled walls. It’s easy to frame walls with some stencils and this will add some dimension and luxury to a space without going overboard.

Create An Ambient Kitchen
Kitchens are often neglected. We see them as a place that has to be fit for function. Whilst this is true, kitchens can be beautiful as well as practical and functional. There are some simple changes you can make yourself, and others which you’ll need the experts for. Lighting is an amazing way to improve the atmosphere of a room. The way a room is lit can have a serious impact on your mood. Companies like Captain Electric are able to fit new electrical systems for you, as well as lighting control systems. This allows you to control the feel of individual rooms. Try positioning a light fitting over the dining room table. This helps to create atmosphere in a room. Copper rimmed lightshades also bring warmth to a room too.

There are some things you can do yourself to amp up the ambiance in the kitchen. Try adding some potted herbs to a windowsill. Plants are said to improve our moods, and they’re also aesthetically pleasing. Similarly, some kitchen accessories like a corkboard or chalkboard are good additions too.
<![CDATA[Things To Prioritise During A House Move]]>Wed, 12 Apr 2017 22:34:54 GMThttp://nonperfectparenting.com/5/post/2017/04/things-to-prioritise-during-a-house-move.htmlIf there’s one stress in life, it’s moving house and if you have kids going with you, it’s even more difficult. The sheer amount to remember when it comes to moving house can make what should be an exciting experience quite horrible, especially if you’re not organised. House moves come with a territory and it’s one that from start to finish, is a pretty lengthy process whether you’re buying or simply renting.
     There’s no need to worry though, you can move house efficiently and easily without everything descending into total chaos while you do it. The key thing to do? Prioritise. You’ve got to work out what’s a priority for your family and what isn’t. This will be far easier depending on the type of move you’re about to have; of course, it’s going to be easier to move a few streets away than it is to emigrate! With these fantastic tips, your house move can happen swiftly and smoothly and with minimal stress.
     Boxes. Packing your boxes is going to be the hardest bit of a move, even if you do have a mortgage for the new house! You have to remember to pack your boxes in order that you plan to use them. So, always start with a box to open immediately when you arrive at the new house. This should have the things you need for making a hot drink, cell phone chargers and any Wi-Fi routers that your house will be using. This box should also have any important documentation that you may need straight away. Effective labelling will come into play here, as your important box should be the first thing you see when you walk in the door. If you haven’t labelled the boxes correctly, you will struggle!
     Entertainment. Moving with kids? You’re going to need your internet and TV set up and ready, and the important thing to do before you move is to check your service like http://www.verizonfiosdeals.com/fios-availability.html can be carried over in the new area, so you know whether or not to make a switch. The last thing you’ll need while you’re unpacking and putting things away is bored children underfoot. Sure, the television isn’t the best babysitter but when you move house, needs must. Ensuring that your service is up and running the day before the official move in will make life so much easier for you once you get there. Also, make sure you have the actual TV to hand; there’s no point in setting up a service you can’t watch because the box with the TV is buried in another room!
     Packers. You may be lucky enough to have packers getting everything ready for you so you don’t have to really do much except follow the van to your new digs. Make life a little easier for them, though, as even though they’ll be packing your cereal bowls and any clutter, it doesn’t have to be messy. Take down pictures and artwork and get them piled into one place. Take apart any beds or furniture you can and stack it ready to be moved. Most importantly? Pack any personal items you don’t want strangers to see and set it aside for them to carry but not open. There’s no need for embarrassment on moving day if you can avoid it.
     Food. Usually it’s a smart idea to get groceries delivered for the same evening of the day you move in. By this point your refrigerator will have been plugged in for several hours and you can wake up the next morning with fresh food. Until then, having a box ready with packaged foods like croissants, cereal, bread and jam for breakfast the next day will mean you can feed the masses while you wait. It's still the best choice to order your food to be delivered, but if you can’t there are options!
     Cleaning. Your home needs a thorough clean once all the boxes have been moved out of the house. The best thing to do for your own sanity is to spend a little money on a professional cleaning, especially if you’ve been renting the property. There’s not much worse than leaving a filthy house for the next person to handle, and if you clean it correctly you’ll be looking at your security deposit again!
     House moving is all about setting the right priorities and if you can make sure you cover everything on that list, it’ll all fall into place for you and your family.
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     The idea that you and your family aren’t living in a healthy environment when you’re at home is a very discomforting one. But the fact is that a lot of modern families aren’t living in healthy environments. Homes are often riddled with toxins - and, often, it’s a direct result of our attempts to actually make them clean and healthy!
Over time, the indoor air pollution that a lot of us are dealing with builds up and starts to affect our health. It’s not always obvious that exposure to dangerous elements in our home is the cause of our various illnesses - but when you examine these elements in your home, it’s abundantly clear that these things are best kept away from your home.
Air fresheners
Air fresheners really do very little to freshen the air in your home! These substances may have “air freshener” written on their containers, but they’re actually filled with loads of dangerous chemicals. Hardly the kind of thing that makes the air around you fresh, right? They usually come in the form of aerosols, and the very functioning of aerosols are bad for the environment, let alone the chemicals contained within! And you’d best believe that there are loads of harmful chemicals in these products. Try to rely on open windows a little more often!
Cleaning products
Soaps, washing up liquids, shampoos, conditioners, detergents, lotions - these things are often filled with things that don’t do your skin much good. But there are other cleaning products out there - window cleaners, oven cleaners, shower cleaners, bleaches, and the like - that fill your air with tons of nasty elements. Ever been in a room too long with any of these things and found yourself feeling a bit dizzy? That’s your body sending you a message!
Flame retardants
     Nobody wants their home to be on fire. So why not buy furniture that’s flame retardant? Especially when it’s so easy to get furniture that’s flame retardant, considering that flame retardant materials can be found in bedding, sofas, desks, carpets, mattresses… in fact, you may even have flame retardant furniture all over your home without ever having aimed to buy flame retardant materials specifically! But the question you should ask yourself is: what makes those items flame retardant? Answer: a very thin chemical coating. And it’s not a good chemical coating to have in your home: much like paint, it gives off subtle fumes that cause a lot of damage. Besides, they only delay fires by a few seconds at most, and end up producing more carbon monoxide - which is precisely what kills people in most fires.
Ventilation and heating problems
     You’ve also got to think about the air that is being brought into your home by various systems. If the ventilation leading from the outside to the inside isn’t clean, or if it’s next to an area of your garden in which pesticides are in use, then you’re going to have some problems with air pollutants in your home. You also need to think about the heating and air conditioning systems you’re using. If you’ve got a dirty or old furnace, for example, then that could end up dirtying the air in your home. In fact, if your furnace is about ten years old or more, or has otherwise been on the fritz, you might want to think about getting a furnace replaced.
Carpet problems
     We don’t imagine that carpets can cause that many problems in our home. Sure, they get dusty, but simply getting the vacuum cleaner out maybe once a week should do the trick, right? Actually, carpets are not great at all for the air in your home. All of the air pollutant problems we’ve mentioned? They’re much harder to get rid of when you have a carpet because carpets basically act as a sponge that soaks up these pollutants and keeps them lingering around your home. The amount of dirt these things collect also ensure that, to keep a carpet as hygienic as possible, you should really be washing it at least once a month. Of course, once or twice a year will do plenty of good, but most families don’t bother at all.
Excess moisture
     Cooking, breathing, showering - it all creates moisture that stays locked up in your home unless you have a really good ventilation system. You may not think that excess moisture is that big a problem - after all, how could moisture in the air be a pollutant that damages your family’s health? The problem isn’t so much the moisture itself as it is what the moisture causes - mold. That moisture gets locked into corners and skirting boards and allows pathogenic bacteria to start breeding and eating away at your walls. Then you’ll start to see black and green spots - small, at first. But then it will start to spread. Mold causes spores to enter the air that can cause serious damage to your health. It’s best that you double-check your bathroom, which is the room that becomes most affected by mold, especially around the shower.
What should we do?
     You’ll notice that a lot of these problems are caused by particular products that most people use in their homes. The solution here is to look for greener, more organic solutions. For example, you could replace spray deodorants with roll-ons, or even deodorant powder. Cleaning products such as detergents, soaps, and bleaches can be replaced with organic alternatives - you just need to look out for the right labels.
     There are always ways to remove flame retardant chemicals from materials, usually with very vigorous washing. One of the most concerning things here is that flame retardants are often used in kids’ pajamas, but there are ways to get the chemicals out of them.
     One of the best things you can do once you’ve gotten rid of the elements that produce those pollutants is get the air in your home purified. You can either hire a service to do this, or you can look into getting your own air purifier. There are loads of different types out there and the quality varies, so much sure you check independent reviews of air purifiers.
<![CDATA[The Family’s Big Day: Wedding Planning For Parents]]>Tue, 11 Apr 2017 23:22:19 GMThttp://nonperfectparenting.com/5/post/2017/04/the-familys-big-day-wedding-planning-for-parents.html     Getting married after having children is an increasingly common scenario in this modern world. After all, the costs alone often force couples to postpone the big day until they feel more financially stable. Likewise, becoming parents will inevitably throw a few spanners into your life schedules also.
     So now that you feel ready to tie the knot, it’s imperative that you respect the fact that your parents. The big day is still massively important. However, it's not your number one priority in life. Moreover, having children means that the process may need to be handled in a slightly different fashion too.
     Use these simple tips to guide you, and you’ll be just fine.
Remove The Stress
     Planning a wedding can be stressful at the best of times. However, those strains are amplified tenfold when you are parents. Let’s face it; juggling parenthood with careers and daily activities is hard enough even without preparing for this huge event.   
     Whether getting wed at home or abroad doesn’t matter. Hiring local wedding planners can overcome the bulk of those issues. Maintain great communication to ensure that they provide the day you both want and deserve; your dream wedding is more possible than ever.  
In truth, the experts can often save you money on various elements too. So even though you’re paying for the service, you could end up with a better overall deal.
Get The Kids Involved
     Having the kids at your wedding is a blessing. However, children can get bored very easily, and they can also play up due to the lack of attention. Therefore, the best thing you can do is aim to get them involved.
     The exact role that the child plays will largely be dictated by their age. While a teenage boy may serve as one of the best men, a younger child is better suited to flower girl or pageboy duties. Either way, getting them excited about the day with the outfits and other rewards is vital. Happy children results in happy parents, and that can only keep you smiling throughout the big day.
Get this right, and the day will pass without a hitch. Those memories (and wedding photos) will serve as a constant reminder of your love too.
Don’t Stop At The Wedding
     The perfect wedding day starts as the ideal start to your marriage. But your family life started a long time ago.  Therefore, you must think about the continued happiness. 
     This can start with organizing the perfect family holiday rather than a traditional honeymoon. Most importantly, though, you need to appreciate that wearing a wedding band doesn’t magically remove the challenges ahead. Whether it’s dealing with long distances, financial worries, or other stresses doesn’t matter. Remember that a united front should be at the heart of your family life, and you’ll have nothing to fear.
     Your wedding day signals the start of a new chapter in your lives. Go the extra mile to ensure every new page is a positive one, and the image of a happy family should last forever.
<![CDATA[Supportive Ideas For School Success]]>Tue, 11 Apr 2017 23:15:08 GMThttp://nonperfectparenting.com/5/post/2017/04/supportive-ideas-for-school-success.html
     Every parent wants their child to do well at school as this is one of the best ways to set them up for a happy and successful life. As long as they have a good education behind them, there is not much that they won’t be able to do!
     The best way a parent can help their kids succeed is by supporting them in their school work and education at home. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t that academic yourself; there is plenty that you can do that doesn’t require you getting stuck into all the books! Here are some great ideas that will be a great support to your kids.
Get Them To Read More
     Every successful student out there is an avid reader. This is one of the main characteristics that all successful people share - they all love getting stuck into a good book! So try and encourage your child to pick up a book whenever possible. It’s a great way for young children to get a solid grasp of English, as they will be exposed to lots of new vocabulary and grammar structures. This may sound quite expensive, but you don’t have to go to a book shop every time your child needs something new to read. You could simply visit your local library or see if the school can lend your child any books.
Ask Them If They Are Struggling With Homework
     Your kids probably won’t be too vocal about struggling with their homework. They tend to just gloss over or ignore any issues just so that they can get the work done as quickly as possible and get back to playing! So, it’s a nice idea to ask them every now and then whether or not they need any help. They are a lot more likely to take it if it is offered rather than ask for it directly! If you aren’t exactly sure how you can help, there are some great tips on different websites such as https://childdevelopmentinfo.com/learning/tips-for-helping-kids-and-teens-with-homework-and-study-habits/.
Invest In Study Materials
     Lots of companies that supplies teachers with classroom materials now have online shops where parents can shop for products, like at https://www.hyglossproducts.com/. It’s worth having a look at these to see if there is anything that you think would be worthwhile for your child. For instance, if they are struggling with their maths work, it might be useful to get some extra workbooks for them to work through in their spare time. 
Contact Teachers
     The person who knows exactly how your child’s education is going is their teacher. Keeping in touch with them can help you to better understand how you can help your child at home. It’s also worth reading all the regular newsletters from the school to see if there are any extracurricular activities that could benefit your child, such as an after-school study club.
     Helping your child with their education can help them hit all their targets and goals. And their life will take off as a result! 
<![CDATA[4 Ways To Add Personal Touches To Your Wedding]]>Tue, 11 Apr 2017 21:22:45 GMThttp://nonperfectparenting.com/5/post/2017/04/4-ways-to-add-personal-touches-to-your-wedding.html
     Wedding days take so much planning and preparation - we all know this. It’s no surprise to be planning for months if not years in order to get the best out of your big day. We all have a perfect vision in our heads imprinted from when we are very young of what to expect. There are some things that most people do in terms of pulling off a typical and traditional wedding; there’s the dress, the rings, the wedding party outfits and everything else that goes hand in hand with it. But how can you make it personal to what you’re doing?
     There are so many places which help to design a ring to make it personal to your day, but what if you took it a step further and provided the materials for it? 1 Carat Diamond Price - 1 Carat Diamond Rings | Diamond Registry is a site where you can get hold of the sole diamonds in order to put them in your ring/jewellery if you want it, and gold bullion is easily available online to order. Some people plan it years in advance and get bits of gold to put away in order to make into a ring later on - this is something that you can think of doing now if your wedding is too far into the future to start panicking about.
Dresses and Suits
     Most people take to a shop dedicated to dressing the bride and groom, and whilst they’re good for providing beautiful garments to wear on the day, chances are that they’re not going to be as personal as you like. There could be another bride somewhere else in the world wearing exactly the same dress. Being unique is not a new thing when it comes to weddings,and neither is designing your own dress, but it often serves very well as a reminder that this can be done. Taking the time to visit a dressmaker rather than a dress shop can help them out a great deal and keep their trade going, as well as giving you something divine at the end of it all. If you’ve got little girls to cater for as well, they’ll love the buzz of going to fittings and getting their dress custom made just for them.
     Flowers are seasonal in most cases, unless they’re being flown in from another country to meet demand. Keeping in season can give you such glorious bunches to choose from. Or, if you’re a keen gardener, why not grow your own? Seeds are so cheap nowadays, and you can get a mix of wild flowers to grow and bunch together for a kooky but effective decoration.
Wedding Favours
     The favours are the best bit in terms of really expressing your personality and what you love. These are the things that your guests will be taking away with them to remember the day - so make it good and something brilliant to look back on! Sugared almonds are the tradition in most places, but you can be as far-out as you like. If you like to gamble, give your guests a lottery ticket each. If you do a lot of charity work, give out a pin or memento for the cause close to your heart. It’s the best personal touch you can give.
<![CDATA[Recognise These Three Issues? Then You Must Be A Mom Of Boys! ]]>Sun, 09 Apr 2017 01:21:49 GMThttp://nonperfectparenting.com/5/post/2017/04/recognise-these-three-issues-then-you-must-be-a-mom-of-boys.html     Being a mom is a blessing, but being a mom that has boys as well as girls to look after has its own special challenges. There are some situations that it seems only boys get into, so read on to see if you recognize any of these, and get some advice on how to deal with them.
     They have to have the latest haircut
     Something you may have noticed about being a mum of boys is that they are a lot more into their appearance than you thought they’d be. In fact, they just have to have the latest haircut or else they will explode!
     While I don't mind them looking their best, it can be a struggle sometimes to constantly pay out for expensive haircuts that need redoing every couple of weeks. That is why you should try to steer them towards a style that can be completed at home with clippers.
Clippers really are the best way of doing your boys hair with minimum fuss and effort, and they are way safer than using a razor too. Which means you can give them the latest style without worrying that it will all end in disaster.
     To save you some hassle, here are the best hair clippers for men, if you don't already own some. So you can make your boys and your wallet happy at the same time.
     Their stuff seem to live everywhere but where it should be
     Why is it that the boy's toys always seem to be where they shouldn't be? Whether it's all over the lounge rug, halfway up the stairs, or half buried in the flower bed at the end of the garden, it can really make it a nightmare to keep everywhere clean and tidy.
    Now there are many ways of getting the boys in your life a little more organized, one of which is to schedule is tidying up daily.
    This means that there will be a block of time every day or even twice a day if need be, where everything that is out gets put back.
     When they are young, you can make it into a game, and when they get a little older sweeten the deal by allowing them to listen to their iPod while they are tidying.
They eat you out of house of home
     Lastly being a mom of boy can sometimes feel like you are working in a canteen. They always seem to be hungry, and their appetite for food just seem to increase the older they get.
     So much so, that it can be a nightmare to keep your fridge stocked and leftovers are something that gets hoovered up straight away.      So how can you cater to their ever growing appetite, while not spending a fortune and making sure that there is enough left for everyone else in the family?
     Well, one way that works is to ensure that you provide enough snacks to keep them going throughout the day. So they don't start digging into the ingredients you have earmarked for the night's meal.
     Fruit and veg bought in bulk make great snacks that don't cost the earth, and the occasional homemade sweet treat is always welcome; come 3 pm, to bridge that gap between lunch and dinner.
<![CDATA[Back To Black: How To Stay Out Of The Red]]>Sun, 09 Apr 2017 00:21:37 GMThttp://nonperfectparenting.com/5/post/2017/04/back-to-black-how-to-stay-out-of-the-red.html
     Life has got expensive, hasn’t it? Maybe it’s the addition of children that leads us to the conclusion that you need to earn a small fortune just to enjoy your life, or perhaps it is that everything has become so unbelievably expensive. A few years ago, if someone gave you $50 then that was a huge deal, now you can spend double that just doing a top-up grocery run!
     If you have teenagers, then you are in an even worse position. Before, when they were little, it was easier. Ok, so you needed to borrow a small fortune to buy all the kits and add-ons that you need to raise a child, like seats that hold them up and sippy cups that they want to use, or the steriliser! Remember? You had to buy three in the end because two of them broke? However, once you had all these gadgets, the rest was pretty low key. Teenagers have the same demands as an adult. They want adult clothes, adult phones, adult amounts of food. So you are no longer funding two adults and a couple of kid. You are paying for a whole blinking football team!
     We should be feeling a little better about money; there are so many shops out there which offer us savings and discounts, the problem is they also offer the dreaded bargain aisles, you know the ones? You pop into the shop for washing powder and a couple of toilet rolls, then head out with a two year supply of peanut butter because buying in bulk saved you a few dollars. Of course, as soon as you get it home your children announce they don’t like peanut butter anymore.
     Life is expensive. There is no way around it. We just need to face the facts.
     Or, do we?
     There are ways we can lower our living costs, but we do need to get organised. Firstly, we need to start with a budget plan. Not just a few scribbled down notes on a piece of paper. You need a full on, all singing, all dancing financial budget plan. You won’t need a professional to help you with this; there are some brilliant online apps which can help you get your family finances on track.
     It is critical to start with the basics and then expand on them. So sorting out the household income, what you all bring to the table, then working out every outgoing. You also need to look at contingency plans too. You should budget some savings in too. This will mean you know exactly what is going out and coming in, every day.
     Once you have this, you need to stick to it. If your budget only allows you to spend $90 on food for the week, then that is it, you cannot go over this limit. The fun part begins when you start trying to come in under budget every week. This is where we can help!
     In the catering industry, they cook large portions of food and then freeze it down to consume at a later time. So having a big freezer is your friend. Go with cheap buy simple recipes such as ground beef chilli. You can cook up enough of this to feed an army, then freeze it down. You should also look at what you can add to the chilli to give it more bulk and save you a little on meat. A superb idea that they use in the catering industry is adding lentils to chilli. The lentils soak up the flavour of the meat and juices and mimic the texture of the meat; this means you can stretch your ground beef out a little further. You could also make in bulk pasta sauces and soups. While it may cost you a bit to grab up the ingredients in the first place, once you have stocked your freezer full of food, you will be spending less during the week.
     You can also change the cuts of meat that you eat. Use a crock pot to cook tougher, cheaper cuts of meat for longer periods of time. This creates more flavour and gives you delicious meals at half the price.
     When it comes to clothing, we know this is an area that will set you back a small fortune. You want your kids to fit in and have the best you can afford, but they have champagne taste while you have beer money. They need to understand that you cannot always provide the coolest trainers. It is a good life lesson.
     Kids that are old enough could work for family or friends to help save their money; this can be a great lesson for them in how hard it is to earn a relatively small amount of cash. However you can do you bit too if you are still buying directly from the shop without at least searching the internet for deals, then you are doing yourself a disservice. Check out sites like CouponSherpa.com to see where you can pick up deals and you won’t believe how much you could save. There are some people who only use sites such as Groupon to purchase food, drink and clothing. They save an absolute fortune! Get on board and see if you can do the same.
     If you want to save yourself some money, then start looking at what you can make in your home. Going back to the kitchen, for the price of one loaf of bread you can buy all the ingredients you need to bake six loaves of bread! Or many bread rolls which can be frozen and cooked to order! You could also consider starting your own vegetable garden. Chances are your children only really like a few vegetables anyway, so if they have favourites such as carrots and potatoes, then why not grow your own. You can also introduce fruits they enjoy too. Strawberries and raspberries cost a fortune in the supermarket, so why not get them in your garden and save yourself the cash!
     This year, go back to black and stay out of debt.
<![CDATA[Keeping The Kids Tame On School Break]]>Fri, 07 Apr 2017 17:37:36 GMThttp://nonperfectparenting.com/5/post/2017/04/keeping-the-kids-tame-on-school-break.html
     Ah, school break. Children break up for the holidays, and then they break your spirits. I’m joking, of course. Everybody loves a little time off, and even if you’re still in work, it’s nice to know that you can spend some quality time going out and about with your kids when you’re at home. Still, whether you’re a parent who’s in work or not, that doesn’t mean you necessarily know what you should be doing to keep your kids tame on their school break.
     Entertainment always seems to cost money. That’s probably the biggest worry on your mind. You want to keep your kids amused, but everything just seems so expensive, and prices are likely to only rise further given that businesses know when it’s the school holidays. There’s no need to feel so stressed, however, as there are always ways to entertain your children without spending a fortune.
Having fun at home.
     Whilst neither you nor your kids should be housebound every day, that doesn’t mean there aren’t fun things to do at home during the holidays. You could stick on a movie marathon if you’re all feeling particularly lazy or you could get a little proactive and get stuck in with some baking. Of course, if you’re dealing with little ones, things are probably going to get messy in the kitchen, and the end-result might not quite be up to the standards of The Great British Bake Off. Still, it’s not about creating a five-star dessert; it’s about having a laugh with your little ones, and there are plenty of ways to do so at home.
A non-expensive family day out.
     Don’t panic. I know this was the dreaded suggestion, as you don’t want to be wasting a lot of money. A day out, however, doesn’t have to be quite as expensive as you might think. You don’t need to take a quick trip to Paris; there are probably more fun things in your local area than you realise. You might not even have to take the car, and that could save you some money on petrol.
     Given that it’s the school holidays, there are probably lots of local events if you check Facebook pages for your area or your local library. There might be fun events at the park, but heading to the park is a fun idea, regardless. You could even check out the photo booths in your local area for a fun, goofy way to make some memories with your little ones. Museums can also be a free and fun day out, granted you focus on the sections geared towards kids.
If both parents are working.
     Perhaps both you and your partner work or you raise your children alone, and there’s nobody to look after them whilst you’re at work. Though it’s upsetting that you can’t spend as much time with them over the school break as you’d like, it’s also stressful to try and arrange some sort of care for your kids during the day, given that they won’t be in somewhere safe such as school until you finish.
     You could always look into some local summer camps or even clubs at the local sports centre which know parents have to work and arrange day-long activities to keep them entertained until you get home. You can still spend some fun evenings and weekends together throughout the holidays, but this way you ensure your kids are doing something more fun than sitting in the house with a nanny until you get home.
Take turns with friends.
     If the parents of your child’s friends are in a similar situation over the holidays and they don’t have the time or the mental power to think of entertaining things for their kids to do every day, you could arrange a rota for all of you throughout the school break. Each parent could take their turn at arranging an activity for all the other kids, giving the other parents a little recovery time on certain days.
Enjoy spending time together.
     At the end of the day, your children and simply enjoy spending time with their parents, as you do with them, so simply relax and enjoy the company. As stressful as holidays may seem in terms of organisation and keeping your little ones entertained each day, this can be a break for the parents too. Perhaps you’ll be working some of the time, but take those days you day have off to take a leaf out of your children’s book and ‘chillax’.

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Awakening to God Ministries. All opinions are 100% my own.