One of the most difficult things to teach a little one is emotions. Neat-Oh Magnutto Make a Dino is an ingenious way for children to learn about feelings through play. Make a Dino is a cute little system that allows children to explore feelings and emotions through colorful, magnetic dinosaurs. 
     The thick foam dinos are easy for children to hold and handle. They are safe  magnets which stick to the easel storage box. Children can create stories, make dino faces, and enjoy imaginative play. This is an incredible system for all ages and is also beneficial for individuals on the autism spectrum. Because children with autism have difficulty reading faces and emotion, this is a great way to practice feelings and situations. In addition to being a ton of fun, Make a Dino can be used as a valuable educational and therapy tool. 
     Head over to Neat-Oh and check out Make a Dino as well as the other versions they have, Make a Mood and Make a Pet. Your Child will love them all! 
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elizabeth miller
05/06/2016 6:41am

What a cute and imaginative way for kids to not only learn to express their emotions but also to see what those emotions look like.

Emily Wisdom
05/06/2016 8:15pm

It would nice or great if we actually saw more of the 100 magnets from the product to know better what emotions/feelings are child may be able to express through the magnets. Then we would have a better idea if the product might be useful to our child. Not sure if the product could be placed with the PBS show "dinosaur train" since that show has the dinosaurs express and learn on it and to try to help children learn.

Carol Yemola
05/06/2016 8:17pm

Now that is an interesting idea. And something Mom and Dad could enjoy with the youngsters.

Angelica Dimeo
05/07/2016 10:10am

I think this would be perfect for my Autistic son

Dana Rodriguez
05/07/2016 1:33pm

This is so awesome.What a great parenting tool!

Jeanna Massman
05/07/2016 6:18pm

Small children sometimes have trouble expressing their feelings, so this product would be a big help.

katlynn west
05/10/2016 11:03am

so creative!

05/24/2016 9:21am


Sue M.
05/24/2016 3:47pm

This is a great toy, I love how it encourages kids to express their feelings in a constructive way!

06/07/2016 5:39am

Many thanks for great details I was looking for this details

10/19/2016 9:02pm

I have two baby of 3 year but It is difficult to understand their emotions for me but I research some online tools for get some help. Now, I found your article is the best option to understand this topic. I thanks much to the site author for share this amazing article.

11/05/2017 8:39am

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