Parenting is one of those things that there is no fixed definition of. There is no right way and wrong way to be a parent. You just have to find your own way and be the best parent you can. But one thing that parenting does require is time. You need to have time to spend with your children and dedicate to them. However, it’s not always easy for working parents to find that time. Here are some ideas and changes that you might want to consider putting in place in order to find more time to be a parent.
Join Them in Doing What They Enjoy

All kids have certain things that they enjoy doing. And these days, those activities can often happen in isolation. This can eat into the time that you might be able to spend with your kids being a parent. So, why not join them in doing the things that they enjoy. Even if those things don’t interest you, make the most of them as ways to get closer to your kids and spend a bit more quality time with them. It could mean watching a TV show alongside them or even playing a videogame with them. It’s better to do it together than allow them to always do it alone.

Turn Tasks Into a Chance for Family Collaboration

There are always little things that need to be taken care of around the house. These tasks can also make it harder for you to spend time with your kids. When you have to cook, do DIY or make home improvements, how can you also dedicate time to parenting? Well, the answer is to find ways to turn the things you need to do into group projects that the family can collaborate on. There is no reason why you can’t have fun with your children doing some basic tasks around the home, such as cooking.

Pay Someone to do the Basic Chores Around the House

There are lots of chores that the kids are not going to want to give you a helping hand with, however. No child (and no adult either) enjoys cleaning, for example. So, why not simply pay someone else to take care of the basic chores around the house that need to be sorted out. You don’t need to do everything by yourself. And the money you spend on things like house cleaning services could be a great investment. That’s because it will free up your time and allow you to be a better parent.

Try to Work Consistent and Predictable Hours

The hours you work matter a lot. If you work hours and shift patterns that are neither consistent nor predictable, it’s impossible to arrange times that you can do things with your children. So, this is something that you should aim to change if you want to find more time to be a parent. By having your work hours nailed down, you can know when you can shut off from work and focus on your family instead. That has to be a good thing for them and for you too.


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Since I will become a mother in two weeks time, I am very excited. I know that the obligation I have right now is not easy, because it requires more of myself. But for love, I will do anything I can to raise up my child well. I pray that I can be the best Mom a kid could ever ask. I do not mind raising this kid alone. I know I got my family who will support and guide me. Thank you for your tips. I will consider all of them and do everything to make this works.

08/06/2017 11:11pm

Indeed, parenting needs some time.


We need some time to learn parenting.

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By looking at the reviews, I can say that the stuff here can impress us. It seems to be a place of confident feeds back.

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Children is great responsibility of mother and we can teach our children through toys. Mother can also teach cooking and its very interesting for children.

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