Like a lot of moms, you probably love freebies, and jump at the mention of any kind of gift card or chance to win free stuff. That’s part of why you’re visiting this blog, right? One thing that stays a big mystery to a lot of freebie-crazy moms is sweepstakes. If it seems like everyone but you is bringing home hoards of sweepstakes prizes, you may be approaching them the wrong way. Here are a few simple strategies to help your odds.
Target Sweepstakes with A lot of Prizes
There’s a fairly simple trend you should pick up on if you want to win more in the sweepstakes you enter: the more prizes a sweepstakes offers, the better your chances will usually be of winning something. This is pretty simple, but something that a lot of people seem to completely overlook. A giveaway that’s going to give out 100 prizes is going to be 100 times easier to get something out of than one that only has a single prize. Sure, some of the prizes may not be exactly what you want, but if you choose the right platform for entering, you’ll be able to search for sweepstakes offering the prizes you want, and a lot more of them! Sweepstakes Daily, for instance, is way better than www sweepstakes com in terms of searching. Prioritize the sweepstakes with more prizes, and you’ll do a lot for your chances of winning!

Look for Sweepstakes Restricted to Certain States
This is another great way to level the playing field, and improve your chances of being a winner. Among other things, individual states have their own rules regarding sweepstakes and other competitions. Due to this, you may be able to enter sweepstakes which bar entrants who live in other states. For example, New York, Rhode Island, and Florida are often excluded from large-scale sweepstakes, and Utah and California are very rarely included in sweepstakes that are sponsored by vineyards and beer companies. Hawaii and Alaska also miss out on a lot of large sweepstakes, as shipping to these states is more expensive. If you live in any of these states, then winning anything in large sweepstakes is going to be tough. If not, you’ve got an advantage. By targeting sweepstakes that other states can’t enter, you’ll trim down the competition you’ll be up against.
Prioritize Sweepstakes with Age and Gender Restrictions
Another easy way to up your chances of a win is looking for sweepstakes and competitions that restrict entrants according to age and gender. This is one more restriction that you can use to your advantage. For instance, the majority of sweepstakes require entrants to be 18 or over, but others may set the bar higher, with some even requiring entrants to be 25 or over. There are also competitions, mostly requiring you to complete a survey before entering, that are restricted to women. These can be a little hard to find, but the work is worth it; enter one of these, and you’ll instantly half the amount of people you’ll be up against.



There are so many ways on how we can win a contest like this. Let's admit the fact that winning this would take a luck in you. You should be a lucky person because there's no formula in winning this other than luck. Though these strategies might be helpful at some point, we will not deny the fact that luck and prayers are big factors for a person to win this!

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