One of the most difficult decisions any new mom has to make is whether to go back to work or not. On the one hand, you don’t want to leave your gorgeous baby. On the other hand, you need to provide for the family, and you may want to be more than just a mom too. Of course, everyone is different, and it is all about determining what is right for you and your family. However, there are some surprising ways that your child will benefit from having a working mom. Let’s take a look…
  • They become more independent - Kids are expected to be more responsible due to the simple reality of your family’s schedule. You aren’t there to hold your child’s hand throughout the entire day. They need to do things for themselves. When they are old enough, they will start to take care of different duties when they get home from school. This includes helping to start dinner, taking in the mail, and letting out the job. Your inability to be with them 24/7 will enable them to learn some valuable life skills.

  • Your job may be of a direct benefit to their progression – Your career may mean you are able to help your child with their homework and answer questions you otherwise would not be able to. In fact, a lot of parents find themselves going down a new career path once they have had kids. They often want to be involved in something that involves children or will help their children’s future. If this sounds like the position you find yourself in right now, one option is to take an online teacher librarian program. You will learn how to instruct students in using, evaluating, accessing, and integrating resources and information. This can be an excellent job when it comes to helping your child progress through school and higher education. From becoming a career advisor to a researcher, there are many different options for mothers who want to have a job of their own while also doing something that will benefit their child in the future.

  • They get more quality time – While you may spend less time with your children because you are now working, the time you do spend as a family will be real quality time. When you aren’t working, you will give your kids 100 percent of your time, and you will find that holidays and weekends often become a lot more special too. It can actually be a great way to bring the family together.

  • They learn about hard work and economics – Finally, by showing your children how important hard work is, they will learn some early lessons about economics. They will be more inclined to appreciate where money comes from, and this will lead to great opportunities for you to teach them about saving and budgeting. They will also be more encouraged to work hard in school because they will know just how important it is to secure a job that provides for their family in the future.



08/02/2017 9:48pm

Nice discussion, in fact, such situation has to be faced by every woman who wants to continue her job, its impacts on the family are equally positive and negative. Some time due to shortage of time woman neglects their kids, which create problems after a few years.

08/06/2017 11:12pm

Thank you for sharing these surprising ways with us.


Feels good after reading your posts.


This post definitely made my day since I have to plan my son's birthday party. I have got some great ideas and tips from this post which will help me plan the party perfectly well.

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