While most parents tend to enjoy it when their own kids have a party, other children’s parties are… well… not exactly the most inviting of prospects. While you know your kids will have a good time as guests, the same is not always true of the parents.
We’ve all been to those kids parties where the kids are having a blast, while the parents stand around awkwardly, realizing they have nothing in common bar the fact their children are friends. They’re not fun experiences, and you can spend more time talking to your child than other parents - which not only limits how much fun your kid can have, but denies you some essential adult time.

It therefore makes sense that the next time you are throwing a party for your own kids, you might want to spend a few minutes ensuring the adults are catered to as well. This needn’t be as difficult as it sounds; it is possible to have a truly amazing kids party while still satisfying the Moms and Dads too. Here is a simple route to managing this unlikely juxtaposition.

#1 - Food and Drink Options

For kids, a birthday party is a time when they can forget the need to eat healthily and indulge themselves. While it’s also a chance for adults to drink fizzy soda and eat cake they might usually avoid, it’s undeniable that some people just won’t want to.

This is why it makes sense to have a few adult-friendly food options, right through from canapes to the desserts that you prepare. It also helps if you save yourself some time and buy alcohol online, as well as a few options for those who might have dietary requirements. You’ll find the parents will be extremely grateful for their needs having been catered to, making a more pleasant atmosphere for all.

#2 - Split The Minding Duty

Having to hover over kids during a party is a surefire way of guaranteeing no parent is going to have the best time. So everyone can have a break and doesn’t feel the need to helicopter over their offspring, split up the duties. While a few select parents watch over the whole bunch, the rest of you can take a minute’s respite and relax in a separate area.

It’s always a good idea to ensure the lines of communication between the guardian parents and the relaxing parents are open. If you can’t quickly shout for assistance, then swap phone numbers, so if you’re taking time out relaxing you can be sure you can get back to your child ASAP in the event of mishap.

#3 - Entertainment Choices

Many a children’s party will leave the adults with very little to do but either watch the kids, or talk amongst themselves. While it’s fine to talk if you know one another, a lot of parties won’t have the same level of parental involvement - which can leave people who don’t know the rest so well, feeling like they are left out.

You can prevent this problem with a few entertainment options for adults. Card games are fun and usually popular, or just play a movie in a quiet space - something light that people can dip in and out of.

Hopefully, thanks to the above, your party will not only be amazing for your child - but all the attending adults, too!



08/23/2017 10:53pm

This post definitely made my day since I have to plan my son's birthday party. I have got some great ideas and tips from this post which will help me plan the party perfectly well.

09/16/2017 10:19pm

This post definitely made my day since I have to plan my son's birthday party. I have got some great ideas and tips from this post which will help me plan the party perfectly well.

09/22/2017 3:47am

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